01. 10. 2011.

UNESCO - Kizhi Pogost, Russia

This marvelous site is situated on Kizhi island, on the 2nd largest European lake Onega (Republic of Karelia).  The main building - present on both cards - is The Church Of The Transfiguration, which is 37 meters high and has no less than 22 domes! The second is The Church Of The Intercession, and the third a bell-tower.
According to the Russian carpentry traditions of that time, these structures were built of wood only with no nails. The basic structural unit is a round log of Scots Pine about 30cm in diameter and 3-5 meters long - which made the work quite complex logistically.  Because of its unique beauty and longevity the pogost was included in the whs unesco list in 1990.

I have chosen these cards but it was Natalia/tsaheylu who made them complete with the stamps of the same theme - i was mesmerised upon realising! So thoughtful and kind, I cannot thank enough..! :)))

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