03. 10. 2011.

Ukiyo-e - The Lake At Hakone

Another great card from a swap with DekaPon :))) This time it is an ukiyo-e by the great artist of edo period Utagawa Hiroshige.
Ukiyo-e literally means 'pictures of the floating world', and is a genre of Japanese woodblock prints and paintings produced  between 17th-20th centuries. The other great artist is of course Hokusai whom i mentioned before :) I would love to find similar artworks by other ukiyo-e artists as i love it so much!

The Lake At Hakone is the 10th station in Hiroshige's series of woodprints The Fifty-Three Stations of the Tōkaidō . The series referrs to the rest areas along the coastal route that ran from Nihonbashi in Edo (today's Tokyo) to Sanjo Ohashi in Kyoto. Wouldnt't it be wonderful, one day to follow the steps of the artist and see all the depicted places as they are today..?! A daydream - but hopefully reality of the future...

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