01. 10. 2011.

Kotovasiya - Autumn

Yes, I got hooked on Kotovasiya! :D
I've just checked the official site (tukituk.com), and not knowing Russian didnt help at figuring it out heh. I thought each card may have a name, but all i saw were numbers, so i'll name them as i go :) This one was pretty easy! I love the details like that little mouse in the down left corner, gazing at the viewer all perplexed :))) cuuute!
I had a great swap on flickr with Natalia/tsaheylu, and the next post will show you what else makes it so great. Colourful stamps much appreciated!

2 komentara:

  1. jesi li možda isprobala i onog Kotovasja vs wishlist tag?

  2. jesan, dva puta san čak i uspila :) trenutno je zapeja zbog one finkinje s nemogućin wishlistom...