24. 05. 2012.

UNESCO - Angkor, Cambodia

My 1st and only postcard from Cambodia is that of the temple ruins of Angkor, once the seat of the Khmer Empire (9-15th century). There are over thousand temples in the complex, but the grandest and the most significant one is pictured Angkor Wat, also the largest Hindu temple in the world.
Such an amazing place - I really hope to see it myself this winter. I might as well mention this way that I am looking for a travelling buddy! xD Big thanks for this great card to Cheerful :) It was only a while after that I realised the first stamp shows the other cambodian Unesco site Preah Vihear, wonderful!

EDIT: 3 years later and after a recent trip to Angkor I can see I was wrong to write this is Angkor Wat! This is Pre Rup, built as the state temple of Khmer king Rajendravarman and dedicated in 961 :)

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