03. 05. 2012.

Y Wyddor (The (Welsh) Alphabet)

Siart yr Wyddor a luniwyd gan
gan T. C. Evans, Cadrawd, tua 1900

So, do you understand what is written under the images? I surely don't! The Welsh language looks and sounds so exotic, and it is not recommendable to be convinced you are pronouncing any of the words correctly...when I was in Wales I had troubles with the bus drivers who couldnt understand where on earth I was heading..! xD (but perhaps thats just me..! :P)
Welsh is a member of the Brythonic branch of the Celtic languages; only about 22% of the population of Wales are able to speak welsh, but the trend is on the rise and the language is being revived. Here are some words in welsh:
wy (egg), carreg (stone), gwin (wine), asyn (donkey), cerdyn (card), caethiwed (addiction) xD

Thanks ever so much Keelley for this great card! <3
Or should I say DIOLCH!

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