11. 05. 2012.

UNESCO - Island Of Mozambique

One country that was missing in the account of Ash's travels thru Africa - beautiful Mozambique. They are oversized cards, I guess I've put them in a different place and forgot about them...These views are so tempting, a hut on a seaside, baobab trees in the background..:)

As I only additionally realised that the 1st card is Unesco WHS, I should add some information about Island of Mozambique (Ilha de Moçambique) - it bears important witness to the establishment and development of the Portuguese maritime routes between western Europe and the Indian subcontinent and thence all of Asia. The town and the fortifications on the island, and on the smaller island of St Laurent, are an outstanding example of an architecture in which local traditions, Portuguese influences, and to a somewhat lesser extent Indian and Arab influences, are all interwoven.

The Republic of Mozambique is a country in southeastern Africa on the Indian Ocean coast, bordering Tanzania to the north and South Africa to the south. It was colonised by Portugal in 1505 and regained independance in 1975. It is rich in natural resources (e.g. aluminium, petroleum) and is becoming more and more popular in tourism. Judging by these images, rightfully so!

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  1. vidim ja imaš ti svog Jean Pierra :))))

  2. haha skoro :) jp je ipak nepredvidljiviji i rasprostranjeniji..!