12. 05. 2012.

Lagodekhi Protected Areas, Georgia

Lagodekhi is a small town and district in east Georgia. The district is home to a national park of the same name, popular for bird-watching. The only man-made structure in the area is a Meteo Station, used in the USSR times for research and observation.

Last winter I was THIS close to travelling to Georgia - but I was late with purchasing an affordable flight.. This is what happens if you linger for only a day..! My only 'consolation' was that I found out afterwards that some of the cool places there are unreachable during winter months. Which leaves me with a question: when will I find the time then? Anyways! Big thanks for this beautiful card & stamps goes to FB friend Khatuna :)

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  1. Imam i ja istu razglednicu, od iste osobe! :) Super su markice, pogotovo ova sa Teslom! <3