29. 05. 2012.

Just So

I've decided just to write a little bit...I have been scan-less for a week, and now I have a lot of catching up to do! Not an unusual state hmm. There is a wonderful pile on my desk waiting for its destiny :) while another pile is slowly forming back home on my other desk. As mum told me on the phone there are a few excellent surprises - so many cards make me happy lately!! <3
Its sunny and windy here - a strange twist in the air that makes me feel all battered and tired...and its not even 'jugo' :) At work the application on the PC doesn't work (for days now!) and I have to issue receipts the old fashion way - I suppose it helps training the little grey cells, as Poirot would say...! Uhm but I seriously dislike when someone enters the reception at the exact time the dinner is served, and I am huuuungry!!
Ok enough of complaining, I am sure it'll all be alright. Its all rock'n'roll ;) xD
Time for new postcards!

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