13. 07. 2011.

Vintage Donkeys - Yugoslavia

I just loooooooooove vintage donkey cards!!! And if they happen to be 'used' and have old stamps and cancellations...wonderful. This is why from time to time i search for used cards on E-bay. Unfortunatelly there is no croatian e-bay so i rely on my dear sister who lives in germany and is an avid user of e-bay herself :)
Last month i've discovered a bulk of 40 donkey&mule cards on sale - and we won the bid! (it is not always the case - sometimes i am surprised at how many people bid for donkey cards heh)

Here is a very handsome yugoslavian donkey - or perhaps i should say slovenian! As i've discovered, Kozina is a small settlement in the Littoral region of Slovenia, close to the italian border (and de facto to the croatian border as well :)). The stamp doesnt have a title or description, i will have to look for it online...
The card was sent on 03/09/65

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