20. 07. 2011.

Jetoy Cat As Little Red Riding Hood

Last week i got many great postcards, and this is one of them - my 1st jetoy Cat card :)
I've arranged this private swap months ago, and it was indeed sent on the 22nd of April; I was sure it got lost for good! I'll have to admit, most of the Jetoy cards are just too cutsie for me...esp the ones with the bling-bling heh. But i really like this one, it takes you a second to realise she's the Red Riding Hood, and a pensive one at that..! Recently I won another Jetoy Cat card in a lottery, am keen to find out which one!
I was really surprised not to find Jetoy in wikipedia...it has been mentioned so much on postcrossing, surely it deserves a spot?! There is a web-site not very comprehensive for the westerners - so all i can say is that Jetoys are Korean :)
big thanks to vicky/metroandro, for great stamps too :=D

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