17. 07. 2011.

Animal Kingdom With GEO

My dear sister is still sending me the GEO postcards, and i still find them equally brilliant :) I have so many already, i sure do hope there are still many to be sent! let me introduce to you these wonderful, unique creatures:

The Celebes Crested Macaque.  Foto: Stefano Unterthiner
This species of primates lives only in the northeast of the Indonesian island Sulawesi, as well as the small islands nearby. This fellow with a recognisable long hair tuft is highly endangered, because his natural habitat is the disappearing rain forest.

Ethiopian Wolf.  Foto: Vincent Munier/www.vincentmunier.com
The puppies peek curiously out of the hole, in which they were born some three weeks before. They do look more like foxes, but indeed belong to the rarest wolf species - the ethiopian wolf of the eastern afro-alpine region. (also known as the Abyssinian wolf, Abyssinian fox, red jackal, Simien fox or Simien jackal)
If you ask me, these pups are one of the cutest creatures out there!

Kodiak Bear.  Foto: Getty Images
Salmon have to jump up the cataracts to get to their spawning place - they are a welcome source of fat for the Alaskan Kodiak Bear before the hibernation.What a great shot! :)

Polar Bears.  Foto: Kennan Ward/Corbis
Polar bears at sundown on the Canadian pack ice: it is a rare thing to see half a dozen of these solitary predators at one place - an unfortunate result of the receding ice due to global warming. As much as it's beautiful, it is also infinately sad...

Cheetah.  Foto: Kennan Ward/Corbis

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