20. 07. 2011.

July Donkeys

 I absolutely love this card, which i got from private swap with Tanja from Finland :)
Tanja was on a holiday in the beautiful Azores and totally recommends it - she also purchased some beautiful cards, and i was lucky to find this donkey among them and that she was willing to trade. Thank you very much Tanja for another great swap! :=D

These Irish donkeys were sent to me by dear Kim as RAS.
Thank you so much for this great surprise! :))) and the stamps are as gorgeous as always!

This lovely card is from Lotty's Animal RR, the Cats Vs Donkeys group. It is a double but recently i've decided not to worry about that :) The stamp is really cute too! I love the fact that i get so many finnish postcards and yet i hardly ever get stamp doubles. thank you Suvi!

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