15. 04. 2016.

UNESCO - Natural System Of Wrangel Island Reserve, Russia

Located well above the Arctic Circle, the site includes the mountainous Wrangel Island, Herald Island  and surrounding waters. Wrangel was not glaciated during the Quaternary Ice Age, resulting in exceptionally high levels of biodiversity for this region.
Wrangel Island is a breeding ground for polar bears (having the highest density of dens in the world), seals, walrus, and lemmings. During the summer it is visited by many types of birds. Arctic foxes also make their home on the island. Cetaceans such as bowhead whales, gray whales, and belugas can be seen close to shore. Here we can see the musk ox which was introduced to the island in 1975.
I wonder how difficult it is to visit this remote place! Thanks a lot Nastya :)

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