17. 04. 2016.

UNESCO - Dinosaur Provincial Park, Canada

In addition to its particularly beautiful scenery, Dinosaur Provincial Park – located at the heart of the province of Alberta's badlands – contains some of the most important fossil discoveries ever made from the 'Age of Reptiles', in particular about 35 species of dinosaur, dating back some 75 million years.
Dinosaur Provincial Park is an outstanding example of major geological processes and fluvial erosion patterns in semi-arid steppes. These badlands stretch along 26 kilometers of high quality and virtually undisturbed riparian habitat, presenting a landscape of stark but exceptional natural beauty.

It is hard to find postcards showing Canadian UNESCO that are not from the pre-stamped series. But here is one - and oh what a beauty it is! Many many thanks to April, who also used some really cool dinosaur stamps - from a set of 5, issued in 2015, with a unique 3-D-like design :))

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