12. 04. 2016.

Donkey Loves Herzegovina

Last weekend I visited Mostar, a beautiful historic town in Bosnia and Herzegovina. I can't believe it took me this long, I loved it! But even though it is only some 250 km away, I had to take three different buses to reach it...I say next time it should be done by a car, and since I've (again finally!) gotten my driver's licence last week, it is even a proper prospect..:)

There are three companies responsible for postal service in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and one of them is Hrvatska Pošta Mostar. In the town itself you can use both HP Mostar and BH Pošta stamps to send your mail, depending in which part of town you are. I went to the 'Croatian side' mainly just to use this new mailing system to my collection :) As the philately desk was closed I didn't find as much variety as I hoped for, but STILL the ladies working there were very helpful, and these stamps are pretty cool! (It goes without saying that I was thrilled to find a donkey postcard as well :)))

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