21. 04. 2016.

Good Morning From Gut Aiderbichl!

Not only is it a cute donkey, but there is also a wonderful story behind this card - Gut Aiderbichl is a 'paradise for saved animals', and their web-page tells it like this: 
Michael Aufhauser and Irene Florence were searching for a place to house Michael’s horses and for animal shelters to keep rescued animals. When they started out, there were only 25 animals. Their friendship with a bank manager helped them purchase the beautiful estate above Lake Wallersee by the town of Henndorf. Today Gut Aiderbichl is an international name. And that’s no surprise! The happy stories about our animals, initiatives and caring attitude towards those less powerful and the passionate plea on behalf of humanity at all life-stages coincides with mankind’s deepest instinct to pursue dreams.
Now there are 25 sanctuaries giving home to over 5600 animals. I have nothing but respect and admiration for people who dedicate their lives to saving animals. You can become a patron here! http://www.gut-aiderbichl.com/page.ph.php
I wish it could be so well-organised here in Croatia...I am sure there are enough kind-hearted people, but the paperwork to make anything functioning is dreadful, and to be honest we as a nation are still miles away from proactive thinking when it comes to animal rights...
It is an official card, yay :) Vielen Dank Lexi für diese wunderschöne Karte!
And the stamp with the kittens is supercute :))

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