24. 09. 2014.

UNESCO - Wooden Churches Of Maramureș, Romania

Another great surprise - well for a surprise group in vacation RR ;) Many thanks to Violeta for this splendid view, and look, autumn colours sneaked in again..!
In the Maramureș region of northern Transylvania there is a group of almost one hundred Orthodox churches, and occasionally Greek-Catholic ones, of different architectural solutions from different periods and areas. Eight were listed by the UNESCO as World Heritage Sites in 1999, for their religious architecture and timber construction traditions.
One of them is this jewel in Bârsana - Church of the Presentation of the Virgin in the Temple. Here are a few interesting facts: it was built in 1720; of thick beams of oak on a foundation of massive blocks of stone; the name bârsan means a shepherd who keeps sheep with thick long wool; it was used for monastic purposes until 1791, when the monastery was abolished.
I have little hope to collect all eight churches heh.

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