28. 09. 2013.

Lantern Fly, Hong Kong

It is hard to believe that this creature is a type of fly isn't it..? It is a kind of a lantern fly - its long and and slender proboscis is used to pierce tree bark to reach the sap. I thought it very interesting-looking so I tagged for it, thank you Manyee :)
On the stamps another kingfisher, this time a common one; and a wise Collared Scops Owl, native to south Asia parts.

3 komentara:

  1. dobro, kolko si to to markica uspela postirati danas? ja jedva i sa jednim postom izađem na kraj! svaka ti čast! :)

    1. haha ali nije problem kad ne istražujen puno o razglednici...mislin da ću i inače morati postati nauštrb teksta, jer inače neću nikad uhvatit ritam..! (osim toga u post-sezoni iman vrimena ;))

  2. I think I've only seen a kingfisher once, they are so beautiful. A few months ago we saw an owl in our garden in the daytime, then I read that it's unlucky to see owls in the daytime, and (luckily) I haven't seen that one since. Lovely stamps.