05. 10. 2019.

Mount Jackson And Mount Fusilade, Ansel Adams

Mount Jackson and Mount Fusilade, Glacier National Park, Montana, 1942.

Ansel Adams is perhaps one of the most familiar names in photography; born in San Francisco, he was a landscape photographer known for his black-and-white images of the American West. He helped found Group f/64, an association of photographers advocating 'pure' photography which favoured sharp focus and the use of the full tonal range of a photograph.

This card was sent to me in a tag as a WHS card but I am more focused on it as a photograph...As today I awoke suddenly from a slumber and realised I need a new camera. I have pretty much ignored photography ever since I left the cruise ship - not sure if it was because of my job there, but...I guess it would be quite a coincidence otherwise. I can still practice on my old Canon 350D/Rebel XT but recently I have taken a fancy to more compact mirrorless cameras. Here's hoping!

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