10. 01. 2018.

Saint Kitts And Nevis

This is one place where I made special effort, as it was the only country the ship went to that I still haven't had a postcard from...and am posting it despite the sub-quality of my photo...a new country after, wait for it...2 years and 7 months, at least! Wow I didn't even realise until this moment in time that it has been that long...

In any case, it was a very pleasant experience visiting St Kitts and Nevis (we were berthing in the capital Basseterre), as I didn't have gangway in the morning, and thankfully no crew drills, AND I got the shore excursion that I applied for, yay! After the excursion I even had a little free time to go to town and look for a post office. As I recall it was more of a challenge to find an operable atm...Two ladies at the post office were really friendly, and even though there wasn't an impressive display of postcards or stamps on offer I still managed to come out of there happy and with a distinct sense of accomplishment :) 

In the end, what more can I say but...this photo feels very apt for my current situation. Where do we go from here?

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