17. 01. 2018.

Sagittarius In 2018

Seeing this postcard made me curious what the astrology online cafes say about the new year in a Sagittarius' life...Not that I believe in such a general aspect of a horoscope, but why not..!

The most sensible in a way is the one by a certain John Terry on www.horoscope2018.co.uk
(Call me bias but I was looking through the British rather than the American pages).

'With Pluto slowly wending its way through your sign, you're beginning to understand that you must create your own luck, and that it's your attitude that makes all the difference. As the new year dawns, the natives of your sign, more than any other, stand ready, willing, and able to make whatever evolutionary leaps are necessary in order to adapt, change, grow - and make the grade.'

More than ever I think this is real, and its gonna be a challenging year!
(Look at that, it even rhymes)

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