04. 06. 2014.

Women In Cuban Traditional Dress

Traditional Cuban attire for women, like other aspects of Cuban culture, has its roots in Spanish and African influences. Most of the traditional outfits worn by Cuban women focus on lightweight fabrics and bright colors.
I was lucky to find this postcard, and only one single copy of it, on a Habana square on my day of departure. Moving on before i get too nostalgic :)

2 komentara:

  1. What a beautiful postcard! My husband was born in Cuba so I always look for postcards from Cuba at postcard shows. They never have any newer ones though, so what a blessing for you to have a new card stamped from Cuba!

  2. I had to go there and send myself some xD but 1/3 of all the cards that i've sent are missing, you are right to say its a blessing...!