03. 08. 2011.

Vigilant Meerkat, UK


Another country that i am in love with and can never get enough of its (official or else) postcards :) And to make it even more satisfying - an excellent stamp, from the recent issue dedicated to the children's book illustration & TV programme Thomas The Tank Engine :)
The meerkat is just adorable! The 1st in my animal collection.
The meerkat or suricate is a small mammal from the mongoose family. Their natural habitat is the desert area of the southwest Africa. They live in clans of 20-30 members (sometimes even 50), and live 12-14 years on average. They live in large underground networks which they leave only during the day. Meerkats are very social and altruistic animals, always helping out each other! Maybe we could learn something from them :=D

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