21. 08. 2011.

The Fruits Of Sicily - And Yes A Donkey!

And so the time fliiiiiiiiiies when one is busy...i cannot believe its been so long since my last post...! but the peak of the tourist season is definately over, at least in the nautical sector...and after a zillion changes in travelling plans, stapling my own finger, being sent to a different work station over the weekend - i can more-or-less peacefully continue (while hoping for a few days off to go home...)
Today i will only post two random cards from my collection, as it will be tomorrow that i'll be back at my pc desk.

This card was sent to my sis from a dear friend while she was on vacation. such a bright card, i love it! And of course the donkey is there too :) Its still very hot here in Dalmatia, and these images seem to suit the overall mediterranean atmosphere (we are eating grapes grown in the garden) :)))

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