30. 06. 2018.

Red Northern Lights

Recently received card for the Scandinavian RR, a fantastic red/yellow display of the Northern Lights. I always assumed that the Lights were visible in whole of Norway, with different time-span and intensity depending on region - but apparently on the very south that is Oslo region they weren't spotted for a long while, as Joerg is explaining here. Hope you get to see them this year Joerg! Esp as there is a Postcrossing Meeting on the 8th of December in Tromso - and any postcrosser can join in! It is my great wish to make this come true for myself too, as it is exactly on my birthday, and I love Norway...aah the dreams.....

2 komentara:

  1. wait wait wait, what?? Tromsø... Northern Lights... Postcrossing Meeting... Birthday cake?? Count me in :D

  2. A šta ne bi to bilo fantastično..?! :D