30. 04. 2013.

UNESCO - Historic Centre Of Lima, Peru

The Historic Centre of Lima bears witness to the architecture and urban development of a Spanish colonial town of great political, economic, and cultural importance in Latin America. Although severely damaged by earthquakes, this 'City of the Kings' was, until the middle of the 18th century, the capital and most important city of the Spanish dominions in South America.
The Archbishop's Palace of Lima is the residence of the Archbishop of Lima and the administrative headquarters of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Lima. It is located on the Plaza Mayor, on the land that Francisco Pizarro allocated to be the residence of the head priest of Lima after the foundation of the city in 1535; the current building was opened in 1924 and is considered a prime example of neo-colonial architectural that developed in Lima during the early twentieth century.

Two years ago I have visited Lima and quite a few other Unesco sites in Peru, but didnt concentrate on this collection at the time...The 2nd time around I had the opportunity to rectify it to some extent at least :)

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