18. 09. 2011.

UNESCO - Historic City Of Toledo, Spain

My dear postcrossing friend Ana/bossita went on a holiday to Spain this summer, and sent me this gorgeous view of Toledo (again, the colours..!)
As i'm fairly new in the collecting-unesco business, I so often discover something is on the Unesco WHS list after i look it up for my blog - and so is the case here :) Well just one look at it and you think it must have had a rich history...indeed I can hardly keep track as i read about it! It was once the capital of The Spanish Empire, enjoyed its golden age under the Caliphate of Cordoba and was renowned for co-existance of Jews, Christians and Muslims. With influence of three different cultures there must be so much to see in Toledo!

Ana, esi probala Bombu Toledanu? ;)
Hvala na iznenadnome dodatku mojoj Unesco kolekciji! <3

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  1. šta dal sam probala?? :)))) morala sam sad da pitam tetu Wiki....nikad čula!

    Inače u Toledu sam bila nekih 5-6 sati, tako da nisam stigla ni sladoled da pojedem...a ipak, razglednice uvek imaju prioritet :)))