02. 05. 2019.

I Love Stamps

Including this one of a Common Cuckoo from Belarus, thanks to Yana :)
Actually I have started collecting stamps way before postcards, not sure about the age but def before my teens. Perhaps because they were more accessible to me...not in the 'right' philatelic way of course (I am still not a proper philatelist, and I suspect I'll never be!) but as my dad was working in Germany we'd sometimes visit, and I was able to buy  unassorted lots - oh the joy of going through it all discovering what I've gotten..! I still have 6-7 stamp albums on my shelf and love going through them from time to time. Of course these days I leave the stamps intact on postcards and covers...but as I was little I used to maul the letters I received, shame...Anyhoo, it's all very well, stuff that brought or bring joy :))

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  1. I regret doing that, cutting out stamps from my penpals' letters, just so that I could put them in an album. If only it was some whole sets at least...and if only I had done the whole process properly :P