17. 04. 2019.

Dress Me Up!

I always wanted to be a fashion designer (even though I am not that fashionable myself heh). My mum has always been good at sewing, there were editions of Burda (German magazine with sewing patterns) lying around and I started drawing designs at the age of 9 or 10 (I remember having a notebook full of sketches, but unfortunately my mum is also a 'terminator' - she throws away stuff easily, and I hardly own anything of sentimental value from the pre- and early-school era because I wasn't quick enough to hide stuff from her). Anyways...I had a very nostalgic flashback when I saw this postcard in a shop in Germany - this is also the kind of stuff I used to do, because during my childhood in Yugoslavia magazines for kids used to have this 'cut-out fashion'; you'd first cut out a paper 'mannequin' and then all these different clothes that you'd 'dress' her with. Soon enough I started to make my own models and clothes. I do wish I managed to keep at least some of it!
I wonder if anyone else remembers or has done this..?

2 komentara:

  1. I think I can relate completely to your story, including the Burda part; that magazine was an institution in Spanish also!

    I like this kind of postcards, and I have a (very little) collection , including a cow :D

    Nowadays, I still can't sew (probably because my Mum is so good at sewing), but I knit my own sweaters. I'm the opposite of fashionable, though.

    1. oh wow you have both the smurfette and pipi longstockings :D