16. 04. 2019.

A Few Words

As I have returned to my old job and consequently to blogging, here is an update on my postcrossing activities...For sure the most important news is, Croatian Post decided to up the postage prices, and that without prior announcement. Actually I got this news unofficially about a week ahead, sent an inquiry to their official e-mail address, to which they responded 'we have no such knowledge'. This made me believe that the info I received was just a rumour, and it was a huge relief - but no, wrong! And I wouldn't be writing this if the increase in price was minimal...it was in fact as follows:
Postage for all countries will be the same, 8.60 kunas.  It used to be 4.60 for Europe, which means the price in that segment has risen by 87%. Whoa. For outside Europe the rise is 50%; in this light the rise for letters which is 13% doesn't sound too bad, when in fact even that is too much esp considering our standard of living.

Last year I swapped only sporadically but sadly it may be even more of a case this year. I have a pile of postcards waiting to be sent, I'd like to find them a new home as their shoe box has become all too familiar and they must feel at least a bit bored. If anyone wants a card please feel free to pick one from my album on Flickr: https://www.flickr.com/photos/daldon77/albums . I don't think I am picky when it comes to themes, I do foremostly collect UNESCO (whs, intangible, biospheres, anything), donkeys and reptiles, but then there are landscapes, architecture, history, people, animals, food, drinks...in a nutshell I like seeing and learning new things from the cards I receive. It makes me sad and more than a bit angry that Croatian Post made a huge step in discouraging postcrossers...We all learn about the world from these little images from across the world.

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  1. That is a hefty postage rate increase! Welcome back Agi. Nice to see you here again!