07. 10. 2018.

UNESCO - Place Stanislas, Nancy, France

This UNESCO site actually comprises three different squares, but I'll have to get there myself it seems, to be able to get all the postcards :D Here is the Hotel de Ville or the City Hall on Place Stanislas, a part of a carefully conceived project in the 18th century that succeeded in creating a capital that was both prestigious and functional. Thank you dear Sylvia for sending this card, but also for attaching these great stamps - which now I can present on Sunday Stamps :)

Today, for letter H - a Heart-shaped stamp, issued in 2000 for Valentine's Day. The French Post is not a stranger to issuing heart-shaped stamps, as are not many other national Posts (including Croatian), but this is one of the few ones I have received on a piece of mail. It is from a set of two dedicated to the great fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent. I was wondering if he popularised the red lipstick? In my attempt to find out, I've learnt that it were possibly ancient Sumerian men and women who invented and wore lipstick first. Now that was about 5000 years ago!
I have actually struggled to find a stamp to present G last sunday, so I've skipped it. It seems I could have shown this cute stamp on the right as it is an image taken by the famous (baby) photographer Anne Geddes. It is from a set of two issued in 2004, this one is celebrating a birth of a baby girl, and there is one for a baby boy too. The same theme was issued in 2005 also. I have to say, exploring stamps for this blog has opened my eyes, the French Post prints some amazing issues, and they are plentiful! Its just that you never imagine it, mostly receiving the definitives on postcards.
Find more interesting H-stamps following this link.

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  1. Stanislas Leszczynski (20 octobre 1677-5 février 1766)était l'ancien roi de Pologne devenu duc de Lorraine ,père de Marie Leszczynska reine de France ,épouse de Louis XV.Il fit aménager sur ses indications avec ses finances personnelles la place Stanislas ! Nancy est célèbre pour ses bonbons à la bergamote ,ses macarons ,ses mirabelles de Lorraine etc

  2. This French heart shaped stamp reminded me that I've received one a long time ago. It's an Hermes stamp. It could have been perfect for the theme - Hermes heart-shaped stamp ;)


    1. That would have been a great entry indeed :) it seems all valentine stamp issues are dedicated to fashion designers

    2. Yes, I have received some of them. But this is new to me!
      I love the postcard too.

  3. H and G combined. A good combination.

  4. I love the designer heart series by La Poste, even though i have never received one.

  5. France does some delightful heart shaped stamps.