18. 09. 2018.

Côte d'Azur Sand Postcard

Nine years may not seem that long ago in postal time, but to me it's like a different age...just starting to discover forums, FB groups...It was a time of no special swaps and no special postcard series...one of my first swap buddies was Deborah from France whom I've 'met' on FB. Sadly this was the last card she sent me before 'retiring' from postcrossing due to increase of postage rates. It is the only postcard I have to this day with actual sand in it - I wonder if its really taken from the beaches of Côte d'Azur..! And such a cute stamp, with the little cows also saying 'what a cute stamp' lol. And yes the hand cancellation, can't find them so easily these days in some 'mechanised' countries.
Here's to you Deborah, I hope you're fine & happy wherever you are! :-*

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