12. 05. 2016.

Mainau Island, Germany

Mainau is an island in Lake Constance, on the south shore of the Überlinger See. It is called a Blumeninsel (Flower Island) because of its parks and gardens - the Italian Rose Garden is laid out geometrically with pergolas, sculptures, and fountains, and includes some 500 rose varieties; the Mediterranean terraces contain exotic pot plants, including palm trees, agaves, cacti, and bougainvillea; Frederick I, Grand Duke of Baden, created the island's arboretum, which now contains 500 species of deciduous and coniferous trees, many exotic and valuable. There is also a Butterfly House, which can be visited all-year-round to enjoy the site of nearly 80 different species of butterflies.
My sister visited this island, I believe her family enjoyed it very much :)

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  1. Looks like a beautiful island, and that's so nice they have their own postoffice & special postmarks :)