13. 10. 2013.

Maltese Buses

A typical Malta Bus was used both as a public transport and a tourist attraction, notable for  a unique colourful appearance. A major restructure of the bus service in Malta took place in 2011, when new buses were introduced - and that is when this set of stamps  was issued to commemorate the oldies. I have to say a year and a half ago when I was there I could hardly spot any of them...but they say the whole transport system benefited greatly from the restructure.
Topic for today's Sunday Stamps is cars. Yes I do realise these are buses, not cars :) But as I figured, there will probably never be a 'buses' theme because the field is too narrow, and on the other hand 'transport' is too broad cos we can divide it into cars(!), trains and plains. Buses somehow get stuck...I may be mistaken, but nevertheless, here they are - I hope you will forgive us for playing intruders xD
You can see the whole set here (thank you Malta Post for making them cheap!)

And here you can see cars of every built and shape (and I may post about a few other postcards with actual car stamps, as I have managed to dig out a few ;)


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  1. wonderful minisheet. The value of 0.20 Euro seems quite a low price for a commemorative stamp.

  2. What a colorful sheet! In one province here in the National Capital Region of the Philippines, there's also mini-buses, mainly for transportation -- but colorful ones too like these that you have on the stamps :-)

    1. i think i have received it on a postcard, one of my very first from the philippines, very cool! xD

  3. I love these colourful stamps. And for this value, you can put a lot in a single letter, how cool!

  4. Well that has brightened up the day, what a fun sheet. I'm sure the new buses are more efficient but I loved traveling on those old ones when I visited Malta years ago.

  5. Buses are certainly allowed at Sunday Stamps! Thank you for participating.

  6. They are so cheerful and colourful, they should be allowed on any theme at all. :)