15. 04. 2016.

UNESCO - Historical Centre Of The City Of Arequipa, Peru

Now here's a funny story...I spent a full week in Arequipa, but haven't sent a postcard. I guess because we were on a serious budget I just couldn't sent postcards from everywhere, and at the time UNESCO was not a collection. Still, I am surprised..! But now I know Andres to rectify it, gracias amigo :)

The historical centre of Arequipa, located in the Province of Arequipa at the foot of three snow-covered volcanoes, represents the integrated response of native hands and building techniques and characteristics with European designs, expressed in the admirable work of colonial masters and native masons. This combination of influences, and the response to an unstable ground due to earthquakes, is illustrated by robust walls, archways, porticos, vaults, courtyards and open spaces, and a strong indigenous influence in the intricate Baroque decoration of its facades.

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