22. 04. 2016.

UNESCO - Central Highlands Of Sri Lanka

I have swapped for this postcard because there are cute little lizards on it - only later I've realised that it is part on an UNESCO site, double score..! Because the Central Highlands of Sri Lanka comprise three protected areas, one of which is pictured Horton Plains National Park. This plateau at an altitude of 2,100–2,300 metres is covered by montane grassland and cloud forest with rich biodiversity; many species found here are endemic to the region.
The vertebrate fauna of the region includes 24 species of mammals, 87 species of birds, nine species of reptiles and eight species of amphibians. The birdie top right could be the Sri Lanka white-eye, a small passerine bird. The top left lizzie is possibly the Black-lipped Lizard (Calotes nigrilabris), while the bottom left one remains unknown. 
What else is unknown is the name of the sender, I have looked into my fb correspondence but to no avail...I must be more thorough and come back to say the proper thanks, esp considering the biggest amount of stamps I have ever seen on a Sri Lankan postcard :)

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