29. 07. 2010.

summer of 2010

Finally, I have gotten the nerve to start this blog dedicated to my addiction - postcrossing :)
I have been collecting postcards for a long number of years now...to be honest I don't really remember how it all started; but at the very beginning of a craze I was still a student (then a hopeful one, now a failed one heh) and was spending a huge portion of my pocket money on these pretty pieces of carton. Only later have they become what they are now - a way to meet the world.
I have been a member of Postcrossing website for two and a half years now. During this time i have received many lovely surprises, and since joining the Forum the surprises and joy have tripled as i met so many lovely people who share the same enthusiasm :))
In this intro I want to thank EVERYONE who participated in filling up my mailbox over the years. I hope we all have many, many months and years, even decades of happy postcrossing times ahead :)))
In the meantime, check my collections as I will be updating them frequently - WELCOME!

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