30. 07. 2010.

African Adventure

Until I sort out all my officials, tags, RRs and the rest, I want to introduce you to my African collection :)
I have a very special friend, who is by vocation a nomad. He has ventured on this great journey thru Africa in the early autumn of 2008, and has spent a year exploring this amazing continent. He set on flying from London to Portugal and ferrying down to Morocco, continuing down the west coast. I have followed his odyssey by reading emails and, yes, postcards! He was so kind and thoughtful to send me a postcard from wherever it was possible :) in some countries though it was very difficult to get hold of a post-office, let alone a postcard...I appreciate his efforts immensely, and dedicate my first story on this blog to his free spirit.
So! Will you follow his tracks with me? :)

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