29. 07. 2010.


My primary collection are donkeys :D

I have always loved donkeys. I have a blurry memory of my grandad having a donkey in a barn next to our house...but I must have been very little. Nowdays donkeys are becoming quite rare, in our region Dalmatia where they were a main mean of transport more than half a century ago. People were mainly living off land and its fruits, as well as the sea. Some fields - as I have learned myself recently - were off the main roads and up the rocky hills, and without donkeys people would have had real trouble reaching them.

In these new times the far-away fields have become neglected and almost everyone has a car. Last time I've seen donkeys was on a festivity in a nearby village, where a donkey race was held as a tourist attraction. There is a small island off the coast of Šibenik where all the remaining donkeys are being taken care of - its a comforting thought, that someone still cares for these creatures...

Anyways, these are some of the dearest postcards in my collection...

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