08. 03. 2018.

Aurora Borealis - The Northern Lights In Norway

During the 1st Norway cruise we saw the Northern Lights peeking through the clouds, and only on one of the two nights; the rest was just enjoying the snow and anticipation. The second time around (phew!) it was the real deal, on the 12th of Feb I saw them sprawling across the sky; once they made a continuous streak all the way across the sky, and that's when you do the unstoppable exhilarated 'Woooow' :)
The place where we went for the search of the lights (where all the tours went) was pretty amazing too, there were open fires, tents, delicious home-made cakes and hot cocoa, plus a huge friendly and superfluffy samoyed :D They were actually two different spots but I am unable to retrogradely work out where exactly. In any case Alta is situated at 69°Nwhich is north of the Arctic Circle so yea 
pretty cool - in more ways than one :)!

And here is one of my photos...

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  1. After reading about all those amazing places you've been I was already a bit *jealous*... but seeing the Northern Lights must be magical!! Love your photoツ