09. 01. 2018.

One Year And Five Months

Is this how much time has passed since I've written a post here? Amazing! Do I even have to say how time flies...Since my last post I have done preparations for a cruise ship job, one (pretty darn awesome) trip to Caucasus, and then I got on mv Oriana as a photographer and had...lets say enlightening experience of working on a ship for two contracts. As I have slowed down with postcrossing even prior to that, I haven't really sent many postcards last year, and sad to say I am still not being bitten by any bug that would re-kindle my passion for postcrossing...as harsh as it may sound. That said, I do cherish all the postcards that I have received so far, and still have many to share, so this blog is not perishing just yet!

I wish I could have surprised some of my pc buddies with posties from some of the quite exotic places in the Caribbean...I will try to excuse myself with the fact that I really haven't earned that much money, in fact now that I've come back I'm in the worse financial situation than before. I have sent postcards to my family so that they can see where I've been (I will post them here at some point for sure) but still I have skipped quite a few countries and ports, as sometimes you don't get to go out, sometimes you have very little time and you just rush around like a headless pigeon, sometimes you have time but its sunday and everything is closed, or maybe you do find postcards but then finding stamps turns out to be a feat of its own. I have sent occassional postcards to my friends back home, but not as many as I wish...Sometimes you had to make a decision, to send a bunch of postcards or to have a bite to eat so you can sample local cuisine, or buy a souvenir if you really liked the place. There were times when I surely would have opted for postcards only! But knowing that I'd probably never get to those places again...lets just say I mixed and matched and made my decisions on the go, sadly I wasn't able to do it all.

And now that I'm back home, and looking for another job, I will have some time to revive my blog, as I have many great postcards still waiting in line to be shown :)
Oh and here is perhaps a curious fact: when I was on the ship, I had to make a presentation in front of a trainer and a group of crew members, and I have chosen postcrossing as a topic. As I have fear of public appearances of any sort, I almost s*** my pants lol, but here was a subject that I knew a fair deal about, and that I still love and appreciate, so yeah, it turned out alrite..! Some peeps even said to send me a postcard next time they get the chance :))

After this elaborate explanation, I do wish everyone a supa dupa New Year!
May the 2018 be better and happier, and maybe that bug will bite in the end, who knows ;)

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