20. 01. 2018.

Greetings From The Pitcairn Island

Talking about the isolated places where you can (at least temporarily) hide from the troubles of the world...As I have posted about this territory before, I'll just mention that looking it up I've come across an article stating that despite an open offer of free land noone wants to move to the Pitcairn...perhaps because it is so isolated, or even more likely because to start with you need enough capital to build yourself a house there (though as the population is dwindling surely there'd be properties for sale?) and some sort of income coming your way already (pensioners or strictly online employees?) as jobs are as scarce as..well those pacific islands I guess.

The title of this post is literally all that was written at the back of this postcard, so I don't really know who to thank! After all its been years since this swap and oh well, I have just stepped into my 40s...A big thank you anyway, whoever your kind self is :)

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