26. 10. 2013.

UNESCO - Old And New Towns Of Edinburgh, Scotland


Once I posted about beautiful Edinburgh but since then I've received more postcards so an update is required :) I better not tell you how long it took me to identify the buildings on this picture...I thought the Bank Of Scotland in the front is New Town, but oh so confusing when a bank has a dozen addresses..! The Old town is of course represented by the Edinburgh Castle, and the gothic spire on the left doesnt belong to a church as I readily presumed, but to The Hub which is home to Edinburgh International Festival. I was happy to find a matching stamp in the local PO, which is quite a feat on the British soil :)) The cancellation is kind of funny cos it appears to be only a circle..!

This view of Edinburgh Castle by the fool moon was sent to me by Polina/Poncha for the vacation RR :)
After closer inspection I found out that in fact this postcard includes the New Town - the Clock Tower belongs to the luxury Balmoral Hotel which is situated at its very southern edge. Still, would be nice to get a postcard vith a more substantial view of the New Town :)


Another great view, this time a surprise card from Sara - and awesome stamp! Danke vielmals ;)
Although I've been to Edinburgh some years ago i get a bit envious when I hear of people travelling there heh. I have been in love with the British Isles for as long as i can remember, and Edinburgh was everything i imagined and wished for esp as we arrived during the famous Fringe Festival - the streets were so busy, colourful and alive!
At the camping site we got free tickets for a comedy act by the Irish comedian Paddy Lennox, which was a new experience for me :) and the streets were full of exciting young performers, just so much fun! I hope to return to Scotland one day, as I still need to go further north to spot Nessie :)

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