26. 10. 2013.

UNESCO - Mount Wuyi, China

The Wuyi Mountains, situated in Fujian Province in Southeast China, cover an area of 60km²  and boast great biodiversity - there are about 5000 animal species dwelling in the area. Some are endemic (Bamboo Snake), some critically endangered (South Chinese Tiger, Clouded Leopard). Some have names I've never heard before! Muntjac is a type of deer, Tragopan a type of pheasant :)
It was love at first sight with this postcard...it shows one of the main attractions the Shuilian- or Water Curtain Cave, one of the 72 caves in these scenic mountains. It must be an amazing feeling to climb those steps with the high steep rock dwarfing you and a waterfall dropping down past you..! Thank you Tian Tian for sending this fabulous card and lovely stamps :)


Another stunning view...I am more and more thinking about travelling to China. Postcrossing has made me realise there are so many wonders to be seen, but how long would it take me to see it all, a year..?! Some kind of solution will pop up eventually I am sure :) In the meantime, thank you yuerdou for adding to my collection (and my daydreams)..!

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  1. imam neke razglednice od ove planine...al ovu prvu što imaš tops it all! kakav prizor..aaaaaaa!!

    when you find the travelling solution, please let me know about it...Id love to try it as well :D