27. 10. 2013.

UNESCO - Medina Of Sousse, Tunisia

Sousse is a city in Tunisia situated on the eastern coast - the Medina of Sousse is a harmonious archaeological complex that reflects Arabo-Muslim urbanism applied to a coastal town exposed through its history to piracy and dangers from the sea. In front of the picture is the Ribat of Sousse, having both military and religious functions, and is largely unaltered since the 9th century; in the background is the impressive Kasbah.
This lovely view was sent to me by Tunisia's future honorary citizen Judit who is spending holidays in Tunisia year after year, I can see why! Hvala ti puno Judit, prekrasni su mi i razglednica i markica :))

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  1. hahaha, baš je honorary citizen naša Judit =)

    a razglednica je prelepa!!!