22. 10. 2013.

UNESCO - Chartres Cathedral, France

Today is a cathedral day! Many of these imposing buildings have been enlisted as Unesco sites, including this medieval Roman Rite Catholic cathedral in Chartres, 80 km southwest of Paris. The west end is dominated by two contrasting spires, the 12th-century plain pyramid one which is 105 metres high, and the higher 113-metres flamboyant one from the 16th century. The porches are adorned by many fine sculptures and the stained glass windows are amazingly intact. Love the green roof!
I forgot about this swap while the postcard was travelling leisurely all the way to Malaysia and back lol. It was a lovely surprise when it finally reached my mailbox, thank you Annemarie! xD (anyways just how similar are the names 'croatia' and 'malaysia'?!)

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