02. 10. 2013.

A Man With A Cat

I dare myself to reach the number of 1000 posts by the end of this month, and hopefully 25000 views! Then I will peacefully slide into the winter break, with occasional posts...(I hope to still participate in Sunday Stamps).
I have almost melted upon seeing this postcard! And that is all I will say, the image says more than a thousand words here :)) Thanks so much Deborah xD

4 komentara:

  1. Animals are such agreeable friends - they ask no questions; they pass no criticisms... ^__^

  2. Wow 1000 posts! I support you Agi!! :-) I will cheer for you from here in the Philippines and visit your page more often. Life is also moving a lot more quicker for me and I'm afraid I might take a hiatus from blogging again... but I hope not -- this hobby keeps me sane!

    1. thank you maria kristina, i hope i can manage interesting posts so you have a good reason to stop by ;)

  3. <3

    inače skidam ti kapu za apdejts...odlično ti ide...za razliku od nekog što poznajem :P ajt što sam zarđala sa apdejtima, ali i sa čitanjem postova takođe...ali evo, trudim se da se vratim u koloseku nekako :)