26. 08. 2011.

Slovenian Animals

Slovenia is a beautiful country bordering Croatia to the north - just how beautiful it is i will show one day when i post the cards from my journey :) in the meantime here are two great animal cards that i received via tags!

Slovenia' terrain is mostly hilly or mountainous, and over half of the country is covered with forests (i wish we had forests around here!). In the Kočevje area is the largest remnant of primeval forests in the country, situated in the far south. There live these cute creatures, the brown bears.
Received from Vesna - thank you!!!

Now this is something really special - an animal specific in so many ways, it is a challenge to name them all here! In school we learnt about Olm as the endemic species of the ex-yugoslavian state, as it only lives in the river Soča basin, southern Slovenia, southwestern Croatia and Herzegovina.
It is only now that i learnt its english and latin names (Proteus), as we always called it 'čovječja ribica', meaning 'man fish' or 'human fish' - because of the colour of its skin, which lacks pigmentation due to underground dwelling. For the same reason this amphibian is blind and entirely aquatic.
I think this is a wonderful photo to represent the Olm, thank you Tina! :))

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