26. 08. 2011.

Terskey-Alatau Mountain Range, Kyrgyzstan

I was stoked when i received a request for private swap from Kyrgyzstan - it is not that easy to get a card from this enigmatic country! I received this great card showing the panoramic view (Teskey-Alatau) AND the native animal, reed wild cat :)))

Terskey-Alatau (or Teskey Ala-Too) is a mountain range in Tien-Shan, a large mountain system situated in central Asia (also spreading through China, Pakistan, India, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan...wow massive). The length of this range is 354km and the highest peak is staggering 5216m high!
The reed wild cat is actually called the jungle cat. though it inhabits savannas, tropical dry forests and reedbeds. It can be found in the large area from egypt in the west to Indochina in the east. Its quite common in India but on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species elsewhere. The jungle cat is considered to be the largest remaining species of the wild cat genus Felis - ranging from 55 to 94cm in length!

Thank you very much Anna for this swap, and wonderful stamps! One of them is from the sheet of 10, celebrating 2200 years of the Kyrgyz statehood. Sharban Baatyr is an important person in the Kyrgiz history but i cant find any information online! :( The other one shows folk art, beautiful :)

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