07. 07. 2011.


Svalbard is an archipelago that constitutes the northernmost part of Norway - it is about halfway between mainland Norway and the North Pole, inside the Arctic Circle.
I have received this lovely card in the vacation RR (yes, again! great RR :)) and immediately fell in love with its nature scene; normally you wouldn't call me mad about flowers, but i do love the view of them in mountainous areas, where they grow wild and free and donate their colours to the world :-D This particular flower in the foreground is Boreal Jacobs-Ladder; it is not very common, and for some reason i was sorry to read it has a very unpleasant smell! (hence the name..?!)

Svalbard Archipelago is on the Unesco Whs tentative list.
Thank you Michaela, you must have had an awesome trip thru Scandinavia :)))

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